Richti Wallisellen

Between 2010 and 2014, Allreal developed a new district between Wallisellen train station and the Glatt shopping centre, creating some 500 rental apartments and condominiums along with more than 3,500 jobs. The ground-floor shops, varied food outlets and apartments overlooking private courtyard parks mean that Richti Wallisellen is a fantastic place to live, work and shop. The urban developmentof the public space is second to none, with squares, avenues, arcades and residential streets includedin the design.

Before construction began in February 2010, Allreal worked in close partnership with the local authorities to coordinate a planning and development phase lasting around two and a half years and covering a range of issues relating to sustainability. The special focus on environmental aspects resulted in Richti Wallisellen becoming Switzerland’s first site development project which meets the requirements of the 2000-Watt society vision. The energy system in place uses geothermal energy to supply heating and domestic hot water across the area of 72,000 square metres. The concept is centred around a field of geothermal probes spanning some 7,000 square metres. Heat is distributed via an anergy network, with waste heat from the office building’s air-conditioning system even being fed in. The six six-floor buildings with a courtyard at their centre and the office tower all comply with the Minergie standard. Richti Wallisellen is seen by experts as a prime example of sustainable development. And the newly developed district has a wider reputation amongst the general public as a pioneering urban development project.